Cultivating carbon revenue from trees integrated into your farm

What is silvopasture?

Silvopasture is the smart integration of trees onto pasture land

Improves Soil Quality

Diversifies Farm Income

Boosts Animal Welfare

How do I make money?

The carbon stored in your trees is sold as carbon credits on the voluntary carbon market

Corporations continue to set net-zero emissions goals

To be net-zero, corporations must remove an equal amount of carbon from the atmosphere as they emit

We sell your carbon credits to these corporations, providing your farm a new revenue stream

What our farmers are saying

“At Lick Skillet Farm, carbon sequestration has long been on the sidelines, as a secondary business goal. As our farm begins its fourth intergenerational transfer, we want to bring it to the center. The Southeast is blessed with plentiful sunshine, rain, and arable topsoil - ideal for natural sequestration. With a mixed-species herd and sophisticated grazing management as our primary tools, we believe we can speed the process of sequestration beyond the normal rate.”

Wyn Miller
Lick Skillet Farm
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Carbon Credits and Silvopasture Information

If you are just getting started with silvopasture, check out this short video (5 minutes) 

Read Steve Gabriel’s six key principles for successful silvopasture (5 minutes)

Consider 7 steps to a silvopasture carbon dividend (5 minutes)

To plan out tree planting & spacing numbers, try out this calculator tool (also from Steve Gabriel!)

Working Trees Information

Take the time to digest our recent webinar (about an hour)

Read our terms and conditions (5 minutes)

Visit our Frequently Asked Questions Section

EQIP, More Silvopasture Resources

Check out the NRCS site to learn more about their financial assistance programs and connect with their offices in your local area (15 minutes)

Study Virginia Tech’s Silvopasture Video Series (about an hour)  and also visit the Virginia Tech Silvopasture Site

Find Arborist on the Trees Are Good Website

Purchase Tree Seedlings on the Arbor Day Foundation Website

Get in touch to learn more

Frequently Asked Questions

What does Working Trees do?

Working Trees is the first agroforestry carbon project developer in the United States.

We develop sensor technology to measure the carbon stored in trees. We get farmers, ranchers, and landowners paid for the trees on their land. We partner with corporates to quantify the climate impact of trees in their supply chains.We catalyze ecosystem restoration, benefit rural economic livelihoods, andcombat climate change at scale.

What is the Working Trees story?

Working Trees was incubated at Stanford University in early 2021 as part of Stanford Climate Ventures. Through thousands of conversations with stakeholders from across the landscape, we refined our ideas and built an early version of our technology platform.

With support from mentors, collaborators and advisors at Stanford and Virginia Tech, we have been awarded several grants to launch the first agroforestry carbon project in the US, further build out our product, and gather data from the field.

We are currently in the process of scaling our TreeOps program around the globe and our FarmOps program in the Eastern US.

Where does Working Trees operate?

Our TreeOps program operates around the globe. Current projects exist in Brazil and Tanzania.

Our FarmOps program operates in any US state east of the Great Plains. We have full coverage in Alabama, Arkansas, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, Tennessee, Vermont, Virginia, West Virginia, Wisconsin. We have partial coverage in Kansas, Nebraska, North Dakota, Oklahoma, South Dakota, and Texas.

Who does Working Trees work with?

We generate carbon revenue for farmers. We enable corporate partners to scale their climate impact. We produce high-quality carbon credits for buyers. We provide access to carbon markets for forestation organizations. We ensure unprecedented transparency for everyone.