Get shade. Get paid.


Accelerating Silvopasture Adoption and Carbon Sequestration through Emerging Markets and Technologies

Unlock the future of farming with Working Trees, in partnership with Virginia Tech and Appalachian Sustainable Development, by joining our silvopasture program for farmers in Virginia, Tennessee, and North Carolina

What's in it for you?
💲 Financial Assistance

Receive up to $1,500 per acre upfront

💸 New Revenue

Earn up to $90 per acre annually from carbon credit sales

🐮 Cost Savings

Save up to $100 per acre annually on feed

🌿 Free Expert Advice

Hands-on guidance to maximize your land's potential

Why choose silvopasture?
🌳 Beat the Heat

Harness the power of shade to shield your livestock from high temperatures

💰 Save on Hay

Grow trees with edible leaves and mast to reduce your hay expenses

🌱 Richer Soil

Improve soil health and reap higher yields for seasons to come

🌎 Build a Legacy

Pave the way for the future of farming that supports the next generation

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Funded by the US Department of Agriculture Conservation Innovation Grant